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An original ArtWerx by ~.THE.DoT., of CINDY CAMPBELL, allocated for permanent exhibition in The Hip Hop Museum in The Bronx, N.Y., the birthplace of Hip Hop.....Under Construction.


"CINDY CAMPBELL" / The HIP HOP Flowers, Vol. I by ~.THE.DoT.



Mixed Mediaon 24" Wood Tondo: Acrylics, African Wax Cloth, Gold Cowrie Shells, Swarovski Crystals, Sequins, Metal, Enamel, Glass



  • Cindy Campbell, is credited with contributing to the development of Hip Hop music in the Bronx, New York City, in the 1970's through a "Back to School Jam". She became inspired to earn extra cash for back-to-school clothes, deciding to have her older brother, then 18 years old, play music for the neighborhood in their apartment building. She promoted and organized the event. Her brother went on to become the infamous DJ KOOL HERC.

    It was her initial party that is credited as being the first time all five elements of Hip Hop came together under one roof. She is considered to be The Godmother of Hip Hop.

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