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***Care Instructions***
Do not hang near hot surfaces / light sources such as kitchen stove or powerful lamps.
Periodically wipe dust that may accumulate on surface with a smooth, lightly dampened cloth. :)

"Got His Back!"

  • “Got His Back!” ✨💜🎨😍
    Mixed Media on 36” tondo canvas: DOORKNOCKERS, Acrylics, Sequins, Ghanaian Wax Cloth, Glass, Swarovski Crystals, Metal, Enamel, Foam
    High-End Original Paintings #ForTheCulture #ArtShow #BlackArt#BlackGirlsWhoPaint #DopeBlackArt #ArtWerxByTHEDoT  #ForTheCulture
    Male Muse: #kennykfromthea 🔥🖤🎨

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