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***Care Instructions***

Do not hang near hot surfaces / light sources such as kitchen stove or powerful lamps.

Periodically tap away dust that may accumulate on surface with a smooth, lightly dampened cloth.

NEVER run hand or fingers over surface! Sharp glass! Handle with CARE! :)

"Have a Nice Day, Roxanne Shante!"

  • by ~.THE.DoT.

    My tribute to one of the first female MC's to drop a hot 16.

    From my "ICONS of The Culture" Series!



    (Original signed by artist, including a Signature Official Wax Seal)

    ©2020 ~.THE.DoT.







    12x12 Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

    Acrylics, Felt, Glitter, Enamel, Paper, DOORKNOCKERS, 24K GOLD

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