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***Care Instructions***
Do not hang near hot surfaces / light sources such as kitchen stove or powerful lamps.
Periodically wipe dust that may accumulate on surface with a smooth, lightly dampened cloth. :)


"I AM Smiling"

  • Ladies, we've all been there. Dreaming our dreams, humming our fave tunes, minding our own business...when suddenly someone comes along and tells us we'd be 'so much prettier, if only we'd "sMiLE"! 


    I was inspired to paint this as a banner for all the flygirls out there who know that whether you're smiling a little, or a lot, or not at that moment, you are ENOUGH!




    Mixed media painting on 36” diameter tondo canvas. (Acrylics, DOORKNOCKERS, Glitter, Metal, Sequins, Wax Cloth, Swarovski crystals, Glass, Enamel)


    Original, high end paintings, for-the-culture! ✨🎨


    #BlackArt #ArtWerxByTHEDoT #BlackArtists #ForTheCulture #ArtShow #BlackWomenInVisualArt #Doorknockers #CreatorsOfColor #BlackGirlsWhoPaint #DopeBlackArt #PolyMath #BlackTwitter #PrettyPictures

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