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***Care Instructions***

Do not hang near hot surfaces / light sources such as kitchen stove or powerful lamps.

Periodically wipe dust that may accumulate on surface with a smooth, lightly dampened cloth. :)


"#MSIB" (Nina Simone)

  • ✨🖤👑✨

    She was a Warrior.......Fighting battles to be heard. To be seen. To be respected. Just to ‘BE’! She is one of my heroes.....a storyteller....a HERstorian. A BLESSING. 
    I’ve been wanting to capture her for a long time now. Drawing inspiration for this path I’m on...grateful for the knowledge I’ve been granted. Thank you, Ms. Nina.....for the music!"



    Mixed Media: Acrylics, Metals, Wax Cloth, Enamel, Lava stone, Feathers, & Sequins on Canvas Size: 36 Inch diameter

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